Watercolor combined with Chinese ink in Truong Van Ngoc's paintings

The exhibition 'Tomorrow meets the beginning' by artist Truong Van Ngoc introduces 28 landscape and abstract paintings using watercolor material, carrying the breath of poetry and human philosophy.

The exhibition takes place from October 7 to October 27 at ART30 Gallery, Hanoi, displaying 28 works by artist Truong Van Ngoc from 2020, when switching from realistic to abstract paintings; Watercolor material combined with Chinese ink. The artist said: "In recent years, simulating and recreating external reality has not satisfied me, so I choose to express my consciousness through abstract paintings combined with watercolor, expressing the liberal, romantic, free but also delicate and flexible."

Truong Van Ngoc was born in 1990, in Phu Tho, graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Industrial Fine Arts. The artist has had three personal exhibitions including: Hanoi's watercolors (2013), Source (2019), Inner light (2022). In addition, he also participates in group exhibitions at home and abroad. Truong Van Ngoc himself always desires to understand nature and people, so he mainly shows the diversity of natural elements, such as the beauty of the country, landscapes, mountains, seas, rivers, clouds and grass...

The artist said the advantage of watercolor is that it can convey the artist's emotions as quickly as possible. This is also a highly flexible material, but because of that, it is quite difficult to control. Truong Van Ngoc understands watercolor well, knows the romantic advantages of watercolor, but his understanding is completely devoid of any rationality. Rather, the artist has a strong sympathy for the material, and sometimes, the material even guides him.

Because of their "difficult" nature, watercolor and ink take a lot of practice to practice, but when mastered, they easily get used to it and cannot escape pure technique. Therefore, once the technique is achieved, the artist must rely on the material to freely express it in the most powerful way.

Truong Van Ngoc compares the transition from realistic to abstract painting to "transforming" to replace the old shell, he has to completely put the old things aside. He uses intuition and opens his mind to harmonize with the material, "like two friends understanding each other without resonance". He said he no longer imposes materials or calculates a specific shape, but when the spirit is good enough, the painting is automatically completed. However, the downside of abstract paintings is that they are not simulated, not easy to grasp, but are very conventional, universal images.

Ms. Ha Linh Lam - a guest at the exhibition - commented that the works have beautiful and attractive colors. "There's something that attracts me when I stop to look at these works. The wide streaks of color create a smooth feeling, making my mind relaxed and at peace," Ms. Lam said.

Art collector Nguyen Thuy Linh commented: "Painting is also a way to heal and only someone who has lived a healthy life can help others feel calm when looking at their works."

"Art needs thoughts, that's absolutely true. But I also want to be freed from the idea that there must be thoughts. I want consciousness to be expressed freely on paper. There, maybe there will be thoughts again. thought," the artist said.
Pham Linh