Everlasting's seeing Beginning

Opening: 15:00, Friday October 6, 2023

Display: 10:00 – 18:00, October 7 – 27, 2023

Art30 Gallery

30 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Information from the organizers:

Truong Van Ngoc chose this fall to make a promise to painting, a promise from the beginning until the future.

The power of watercolor lies in the fact that it easily makes people's hearts flutter. The subtle transitions of color lead the eye gradually to the feeling, quickly. Truong Van Ngoc understands watercolor well, knows the romantic advantages of watercolor, but his understanding is completely devoid of any rationality. Rather, the artist has a strong sympathy with the material, and sometimes, the material even guides him.

The exhibition is divided into two bands, one realistic, one abstract, as the existence of what is seen and what is felt, between the beginning and the future, between the past and the future. The landscape series leans towards reality, but it is a conventional reality, a reality felt more than reality seen. The artist has a relationship with the lotus flower, just as he had a relationship with Buddhism and meditation. But the lotus is not just a lotus, under the lotus is also the lingering feeling of a quiet, gentle, humble person towards creation. The gentle movement of colors expresses an artistic consciousness freely expressed on paper.

Truong Van Ngoc's abstract paintings often walk between the lines of material and ideology. Buddhism opened up in him a natural way of painting "clear water emerges from the sky", while the materials sometimes dragged the artist away, in a joyous encounter between earth and sky and colors. In this joy, he completely abandoned the vision, to dream of a distant future filled with mist, filled with flowers, full of romance and imbued with feeling. There, the artist excitedly stepped forward and accepted, even though the shape of the future was still very far away.

What an adventurous journey, in the mind of a person leisurely living a life of flowing water and clouds!

Tomorrow's appointment with the beginning is the reality seen through dreams, the gentleness under the radiant halo, the co-existence of the beginning and the future, of the moment and eternity. Above all, it is the clear, dreamy but determined promise of a painter who is always moved and moved by watercolor.

November 2023