A gentle promise

"Everlasting's seeing Beginning" is a new exhibition by Truong Van Ngoc - a young face famous for his watercolor medium. And, as if by chance, the combination of the author's personality, materials, colors, galleries and Hanoi's autumn weather has created a particularly gentle art space that makes art lovers fall in love.
Artist Truong Van Ngoc was born in 1990, earned his bachelor's and master's degrees at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, and is currently researching, painting and teaching in Hanoi. Besides, he also often participates in illustrating books and stories.

The exhibition "Tomorrow meets the beginning" by Truong Van Ngoc introduces 28 paintings using Chinese ink and watercolor on paper, taking place from October 6 to 27 at Art30 Gallery (30 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi). Small gallery on the second floor of an old villa with windows overlooking the green trees. Ngoc's paintings are just like his personality - a gentle, endearing look exuded through his gentle, contemplative gaze.
The exhibition is divided into two bands, one realistic, one abstract, as the existence of what is seen and what is felt, between the beginning and the future. That's why the exhibition is named "Tomorrow, rendezvous with the beginning" - a suggestive name taken from Bui Giang's poem: "Tomorrow, rendezvous with the beginning / Waiting for each other on another alley to look at the original spring color".

Dr. Tu Mai, Art30 Gallery's critic, commented: Truong Van Ngoc's landscape painting series leans towards reality, but it is a conventional reality, a reality felt more than reality seen. The artist has an affinity with the lotus flower, just as he had an affinity with Buddhism and meditation. But the lotus is not just a lotus, under the lotus is also the feeling of a quiet, gentle, humble person towards creation. The gentle movement of colors expresses an artistic consciousness freely expressed on paper.

Truong Van Ngoc's abstract paintings often walk between the lines of material and ideology. Buddhism opened up in him a natural way of painting, "clear water emerges from ephemera", while the material sometimes drags the artist away, in a joyous encounter between heaven and earth and color. In this joy, he completely abandoned the vision, to dream of a distant future filled with mist, filled with flowers, full of romance and imbued with feeling.

With such a soul, Truong Van Ngoc's search for watercolor material seems to be a natural sympathy to express his emotions and thoughts to the end. Ngoc herself also admitted: "Watercolor is the material that can convey the artist's emotions the fastest. I love watercolor because it is gentle but generous and free." Ngoc admits that sometimes the material still guides him, but one thing that cannot be denied is that Ngoc masterfully uses the power of watercolor to instinctively stir people's hearts.
​It is the bold Eastern colors in thought and expression that make those who enter Ngoc's painting space have a very gentle feeling. Artist Le Tien Vuong, Head of Graphics Branch 2 - Vietnam Fine Arts Association, commented: "Truong Van Ngoc's paintings are not noisy but always warm and close, like a gentle whisper of confidence. awakening - awakening to the "human world"... Through each magical drawing of the real world and the heavenly world, each painting is like a story of consciousness about the "peaceful" region, returning to nature, to "paradise, "The place of peace in everyone's mind" is living next to so many worries, with endless busyness... Ngoc lives and paints without noise but is extremely determined to find friends. Looking at Ngoc's paintings, we feel like we are lost in a dreamland, remembering and longing for the dreamland... Having one or several of Ngoc's paintings in the house so that whenever we need to "lull ourselves" after the chaos of work, stand in front of it. With streaks of gentle, loose color, we blend into each blade of grass and lotus root, hear the sound of birds calling us back to the land of memories, so that we can be revived, board the bamboo boat and return to our childhood, return to our "hide". "Countryside river surface" listening to every wave, staying awake with fireflies in the night, letting us know that a sacred realm within us is blooming every day... so that we are awake, we are drunk, we are ecstatic with this life How gentle and elegant..."

Truong Van Ngoc is also an active member of the Pink Heart charity club. For many years, he has always been at the forefront of accompanying many of his valuable works, participating in the fundraising auction "Building a school - building a dream". Ngoc's paintings are therefore more complete than a promise to life!

Nhat Nam