Ngoc Truong Van


As a global recognized and innovative watercolor artist as well as a well - experienced teacher, Trương Văn Ngọc completely has involved in the world of art by continually finding new ways to present paintings that evoke a sense of emotions and memories. He is represented in numerous art exhibitions and collections nationally. Moreover, his work has been featured in articles and on the covers of many children books.

 Personally Truong Van Ngoc always deeply desires to explore more about nature and human being, therefore his topics mostly represent the diversity of natural elements, such as the beauty of the countrysides, landscapes, mountains, sea,  rivers, fields, clouds, and grass .v.v. beside his another abstract works and illustrated books' covers.

Truong Van Ngoc Born was born in 1990 in a small village in Phu Tho province, locating around 150km in the north of Hanoi.


In 2005, his family moved to Yen Bai City where this young artist first applied his skills to painting and develop his talent by studying painting there.

 In 2009, after passing the exam to enter learning at the Hà Nội University of Industrial Fine Arts which is one of the biggest universities of art in Vietnam, Truong Van Ngoc learned how to do the large-scale paintings with many different materials, and the special thing was he totally fell in love with watercolor paintings at that time. One year later he decided to practice hisself more about this amazing material and desire to be the most famous watercolor artist in Vietnam.

 During his undergraduate years , Truong Van Ngoc has been awarded as a signature member in various art societies  by presenting some solo -exhibitions and received many supports as well as highly recommendations of audience.


In 2014  he graduated from the University of Fine Arts and started directly being a professional painter.


Currently Truong Van Ngoc lives in Hanoi for researching, paintings and teachings.